South Park Premiered Last Night With One of It’s Funniest Episodes in Years

The best part about South Park is their attention to detail (changing RGIII to Kirk Cousins from Sunday to last night) and the way they can make you laugh out loud while sneaking a really great story into an episode. Last night’s episode did all of those things. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been on the air for 18 seasons now, and they have become our go to satirists for the modern day shit show that is the world. I expected them to satire the Redskins scandal, and the NFL, and ISIS, but not all in one episode. If you saw the episode. you know it was a classic, and if you haven’t, I don’t want to spoil anything for you because this was amazing. The cowboys/redskins bit at the end was so great on so many levels, and +1 million for the Jerry Jones BJ scene. Never change, South Park.

– Ryan

H/T @WorldofIsaac

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