Think You’re Having a Bad Day? At Least You Didn’t Get Arrested for Public Disturbance While Washing Your Hair With Mayonnaise

Miracle WhipAn Oklahoma City man was arrested Tuesday after police say they caught him washing his hair with mayonnaise in a public fountain.

Several passersby complained about a man causing a disturbance at a spot known as the Bricktown fountain, reports.

An officer said Jorge Arturo Perez, 23, was soaking wet and breathing heavily, according to

Perez allegedly told police that he was bathing and was using mayonnaise as shampoo, reports.

A local ordinance prohibits bathing in public fountains. Perez was released on Wednesday.

HuffPost contacted the Oklahoma City Police to find out if the mayonnaise was collected as evidence, but officials have not responded.

mayonnaise fat guy gif

this guy is not happy about the wasted mayo

Have yourself a day Jorge. Breathing heavily. Check. Bathing in a public fountain. Check check. Washing your hair with mayonnaise. Triple Check. The only way this story could’ve been better is if Jorge was from Florida. They probably would have made him the mayor of whatever Floridian city he was in. All I know is this guy shouldn’t have been released. If bathing in a public fountain with mayonnaise isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is.

– Ryan

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