WWE Is Confiscating Cesaro Signs Because Why Let Your Best Wrestler Get Over?

King of SwingLong time reader and fan here. I was in section 105 and the same guy that always hands out Cesaro signs was there in an El Generico mask. He always hands out the “Cesaro Section” signs but today he handed out “King of Wrestling” signs with Cesaro’s face on it. Security came by during the match and took all the signs. We asked them why and they said, “You don’t need to know why” and “we’re just doing was we’re told.”

It reminded me of the guy who had his Nitro signs taken recently. They seemed to also be on sharper alert concerning inappropriate or off color signs, as they made people mark out the writing or turn in any signs with “sucks” on it.

Aksana Antonio Cesaro animated GIF

My poor Cesaro. My sweet, poor Cesaro. I don’t understand WWE logic sometimes. They continue to give Cena main event match after main event match because they say they have no other viable baby face, yet you take away the signs from the crowd when people try to support another wrestler. That doesn’t make much sense. Everything about Cesaro screams “good guy”. He’s a powerhouse who can have the best match of the night with a guy like Sheamus; he can match quickness with a guy like Rollins; he can match the technical prowess of a guy like Daniel Bryan: he speaks five languages and could be a worldwide ambassador for the WWE. What else would you like this guy to do? Why not let the crowd dictate who they want to see in the main event? It worked for Daniel Bryan, so why wouldn’t it work for fellow Indy wrestler Cesaro? WWE has a superstar in Cesaro, and I hope that they realize it sooner rather than later.

– Ryan

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