TNA Half Heartedly Called Out WWE Last Night After Fans Complained About the Main Event

Look at TNA. Promoting Samsung and taking a shot at the competition all in the same tweet! Was the main event of Night of Champions WWE’s greatest moment? It was not, but it advanced the storyline. WWE fans would have been mad no matter what happened last night, whether Cena won the title or Brock won clean again. The good thing about last night is that WWE can take the World Heavyweight title picture in many different directions. Cena could challenge Lesnar again at Hell in a Cell, Rollins could become the new #1 contender, Cena could feud with Rollins because he cost him his rematch, which leaves the door open for anyone to challenge Lesnar. It wasn’t the greatest main event in history, but WWE fans need to be a little more realistic with their expectations. It’s not 1999 anymore; The Rock and Stone Cold aren’t walking through those doors to light the world on fire. And I’ve got some news for you: if you didn’t like that main event, tune into TNA on Wednesday and let me know what you think, because if you thought last night was bad, TNA will undoubtedly take those expectations and slam them through the floor. Unless you love funeral parlor segments. Then TNA is the show for you.

– Ryan

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