Matt’s 1,000th Post – Homeless Man Catches Fish With Rocks


If you had asked me, when I put my first post on this blog, what would be my 1,000th post I would be lying directly to your face hole if I said “A GIF of a homeless man throwing rocks at fish”. But now, 999 posts later, I have reached the pinnacle about what this blog, and GIFs in general, are all about. Check out this urban, homeless, MacGyver just beaming fish off the temple with giant rocks. I’m not even sure those things constitute as rocks anymore…maybe boulders. Rocks are something you skip across a calm pond on a cool summers morning, boulders are things you throw at sea creatures to fill your gullet. What does this man do with the fish once they are in his shopping cart? Eat them raw? Because I know for damn sure that the homeless man who throws heavy objects to catch fish sure has HELL hasn’t discovered fire yet.

Keep doing you. I hope the rivers of your life are filled with bountiful fish and that your boulders fly straight and true…..Either that or I hope you find a fishing rod.


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