Was The Logan Mankins Trade “Wright”?


“In Bill we trust.” That’s the Patriots fans go to phrase after a type of move like this occurs. I’ll always trust Bill unless he decides to trade Tom Brady; if this ever does happen, you might as well shut down New England for a couple of days or months (great time to be owning a liquor store or bar). No going back now, the trade is done and all we can do is analyze why this trade makes sense for the Patriots. Here are my thoughts:

Why did the trade occur so close to the start of the season? This gave Logan as much time as possible to reconsider restructuring his contract A.K.A. take less money. Also younger offensive linemen had all of training camp to learn from the pro bowl guard through practice and watching film.

What is Bill thinking? If this Tim Wright guy truly can play a similar style as Aaron Hernandez then this should help the offensive line out by limiting the blitzes they will see. If Tim Wright completely sucks then we better hope whoever we draft with the pick we acquired (4th rounder) will be a beast. Also, I believe this year Tom will be throwing a lot of short/quick routes to Edelman, Amendola, and Vereen which should only require a couple seconds of pocket protection.

I’m sure sports analysts, especially Felger & Mazz will be foaming at the mouth waiting for Brady’s first sack coming poor play from the left guard.

– Your Anonymous Patriots Beat Writer

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