HackGate 2014: How to Protect Yourself from being Hacked




With all these celebrities having their iCloud accounts hacked it got me thinking; If I was to come under attack by a hacker, would I be protected? I really could’t come up with a clear-cut answer so i did some research and here is what I found.

Use these 3 tips and tricks to better protect your passwords!

  1. Use two-step identification whenever possible.
    1. Some applications that use two-step ID are Twitter and all Google apps (gmail, youtube, docs…etc.
  2. Try to incorporate symbols and capital letters in your passwords whenever possible.
  3. Use an application like “LastPass” or “1Password”
    1. These applications can generate a long difficult passwords for all of your social media accounts, but can be accessed on your device by one password that you set.
    2. This allows all of your different sign-ins to have unique passwords, but still be easily accessible by one of your devices.

Use these tips in conjunction with one another and all your stuff will be protected. At the very least think about changing your passwords every fees months or so.


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