Welcome to Florida, Where The Man Who Stabs You Will Also Perform CPR To Help You

Florida = A minor traffic accident erupted into a stabbing in South Tampa on Wednesday.

In an unusual twist, police say the man with the knife immediately began to perform first aid on the man with the wound, who survived.

Robert Suarez, 36, was a passenger in his girlfriend’s Audi going north on MacDill Avenue near Bay to Bay Boulevard, police said.

Traffic stopped suddenly and the Audi was rear-ended by a Toyota Avalon driven by Steven Baker, 22, police said. Both vehicles pulled into the parking lot of Bay Oaks apartments.

Baker and one of his two passengers, Torre Worthy, 23, began arguing with Suarez, police said.

Worthy began punching Suarez, who would later be treated for cuts to his head, wrist, legs and knees, police said.

Suarez hit the concrete and Baker joined in the fight, kicking Suarez in the head, said Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy.

That’s when Suarez stabbed Baker but immediately began to put pressure on the wound to stop it from bleeding, McElroy said.

“He felt he was outnumbered and he had to defend himself, but he felt terrible about injuring his attacker,” she said.

McElroy wasn’t sure of the location of Baker’s wound. He was taken to Tampa General Hospital. His condition was initially described as serious but later described as good.

The investigation was expected to continue, with no immediate announcement of charges.


I immediately regret this decision. (Will Ferrell)

This is a very Florida situation. Minor traffic accident turns to vicious three on one beating turns to stabbing turns to immediately regretting the stabbing and trying to save the stabbed person’s life. Just another day in the Sunshine State. Also, why are no charges being filed? Seems like multiple cases of assault, possibly assault with a deadly weapon. Not to change the subject, but I’ve always wondered if the world ever accepts flying cars, how would these situations work? You can’t just pull over and get out of your car to argue. You’d fall to the ground and die. Eliminating road side fights/regrettable stabbings has to be a huge +1 for the flying cars group. Traffic jams would be a bitch though. Anyway, stay classy Florida.

– Ryan

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