Farewell Richard Attenborough, The Greatest Dinosaur Theme Park Creator of All-Time

This one hurts. Richard Attenborough was a legitimate badass of the silver screen, winning two Oscars for Best Picture/Best Director of Ghandi, as well as appearing in movies from 1942 to the 2000s. Plus he was a Lord, which is probably the coolest thing a human can be besides a king, queen, prince or princess. Obviously my generation knows him as John Hammond, the mastermind behind Jurassic Park. In 1993, before CGI and crazy special effects, Jurassic Park was IT. I had never seen something so incredible on a movie screen before. And at the heart of Jurassic Park was it’s white haired, awesomely accented creator, John Hammond. I didn’t need a reason to go re-watch all the Jurassic Parks, but now I have one. And can¬†somebody please¬†go check on Jeff Goldblum? Lord knows we need family now more than ever.

– Ryan

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