Double Dose of Insane Instagram Comments Today: Devin Brugman, I Apologize in Advance

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My sweet Devin Brugman. Her Instagram is like a Picasso painting, if Picasso painted multiple paintings a day and they looked like beautiful women. Just like every other smoke show on Instagram, Devin Brugman is not immune to the insanity that is the comment section of a social media site:


Roddy Karate (kind of a cool name) had himself a day on Instagram. Added extra letters to some words. Taking letters out of others. Just zero regard for proper grammar or human life. Single handedly bringing back the word “sweater puppies” and making me want to cut out my eyes at the same time. That is a horrifying image. I feel like I overuse the word “horrifying”, but that comment is horrifying. There’s no silver lining. There’s no “oh that’s not that bad”. Just a deranged, insane comment. As wonderful as it to have Devin Brugman in this world, it is equally horrible to have Roddy Karate in it. Weird, wild stuff.

– Ryan

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