Brock Lesnar Basically Murdered John Cena Last Night at Summerslam to Become the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion


This shirt ended up being incredibly accurate

If you missed Summerslam last night, you missed one hell of a pay per view, a pay per view headlined by a WWE title match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar. If I had to describe this match in one word it would be uneasy. It was not easy to watch Cena literally get the living shit beat out of him, no matter how much satisfaction it gave some fans. Cena’s full move set in this match were a bunch of punches, one attitude adjustment and one STF. That’s it. He got a two count on Lesnar after the AA, and the STF lasted all of 20 seconds until Lesnar turned him over, pummeled Cena in the head and body, picked him up, F-5’d him and won the title. It was a complete demolition. The question now is who’s next? Whenever a monster heel comes on the scene, Cena Superman’s up and beats him. But now? Not even John Cena can stop Brock Lesnar. The easy guess is Roman Reigns, who defeated Randy Orton last night, but my money is on Cesaro. He’s a former Paul Heyman guy, and if you want to develop a strong baby face, bring in someone with supernatural power who can knock Brock around a little bit. I’m not saying they should give Cesaro the belt, but what’s the damage in making him look really good against Lesnar? Keep building up Reigns in the process, so when he does come after Lesnar, he’s a monster in his own right. No matter which direction they go, the landscape of the WWE has changed for the better after last night.

– Ryan

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