Only in Cranston Would a Stolen Chair be News

Only in Cranstontwin oaks chair stolen

Come on now people in Cranston. Is this what we are calling news? TheĀ Case of the stolen chair! Get a lineup going, we are going to find this sick fuck! Twin Oaks, the victim in this stolen furniture case is threatening to release the identity of the robber if it is not returned today. That’s a bold move move by the legendary RI restaurant. Kind of reminds me the time that The Joker threatened to kill more indecent people if the Batman didn’t turn himself in, but before batman could do so The district attorney, Harvey Dent, turned himself in as the Batman knowing that the city needed Batman more than him…….ok maybe not like that at all, but I watched The Dark Knight yesterday.

Austin Powers Meme

Who steals a chair, honestly.



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