Shane Victorino is Tearing up my Heart

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Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino is seeking a second opinion on his back injury after a troublesome MRI. The results of the MRI or the ensuing prognosis weren’t made public, but’s Red Sox beat writer, Ian Browne, is reporting that season-ending surgery is a possibility.

Victorino isn’t offering up any denials, either, via

“I don’t want to talk about what we discussed. I think that, as I said, it wasn’t the news that we wanted. Some of the things that were shown were a little bit more than what we had hoped for, at least I had hoped for. But obviously being out there and not being able to go and having those things hamper me, I knew something was wrong. I don’t mind playing through pain, I don’t mind playing through an injury. But the continuation of it happening was the thing that was worrisome to me. the other night when I felt it, it was something that kind of woke me up a little bit. It was kind of sharp and sudden when it happened and we obviously found out why, with what the MRI revealed. To go get another opinion from Dr. Watkins and see what he has is important to me to get that view of things and we kind of have an idea of what’s going to happen. as I said, I hope it’s not going to be as serious. That’s what I’m hoping.”

Hamstring and back woes have hampered Victorino throughout the season, holding him to just 133 plate appearances in 30 games. He’s hitting .268/.303/.382 (91 OPS+) with six doubles, two homers, 12 RBI and two steals after an excellent 2013 campaign that garnered him a few MVP votes.

The Red Sox have Allen Craig and Yoenis Cespedes as corner outfield options after the trade deadline action, but that’s not too relevant, given that the Red Sox aren’t contenders.

Victorino, 33, is signed for $13 million for the 2015 season before again hitting free agency.



Good thing the Sox traded for those two corner outfielders, eh? I love Victorino when he’s healthy, which out of a good 162 game season is probably 75-80 games. You signed him for three years. Year 1, he helps you win a world series. Year 2, which has been a lost year, he’s played 30 games and is going in for back surgery. Year 3, who knows. Maybe he comes back healthy and plays most of the season, maybe he gets hurts again and falls into a medically induced coma. Fans of any sports team coming off a championship fall in love with those players, and the 2013 Red Sox were no different. How could you not fall in love with these guys? They made the game of baseball fun again, something Sox fans and the people of Boston needed badly after the 2012 season and then the Boston marathon bombings. I had no problem bringing back that whole team and trying to relive some of the magic. But now it’s August 5th, and we’re 14 games back and not going anywhere this season. Some people hated dealing Lester and Lackey, but what else were the Sox supposed to do? Sometimes you have to trade good players to get good players, and that’s exactly what they did. Any team who would given anything more than a sack of baseballs for Clay Buchholz would have been high on PCP, so next in line were your two best pitchers. Is it fun seeing the best Red Sox pitcher since Pedro get traded mid season? No, but I have a feeling the Sox knew Victorino was hurting bad and they needed to make moves to make sure they could field some legitimate outfielders. Worst case scenario for next year: The Sox trot out Bradley, Victorino, Craig and Cespedes, add a veteran arm or two and hope one out of the Workman/De La Rosa/Webster/Ranaudo bunch becomes a legitimate number two or three starter. Best case scenario: all that plus Jon Lester comes back home. It’s an interesting time in Beantown. Let’s hope the youth movement works out.


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