Insane Instagram Comments: Come on Down, Niykee Heaton


For those that don’t know, Niykee Heaton is an up and coming singer. She also happens to be one of the hottest girls these eyes have ever seen. Any good looking semi famous girl is going to get her share of insane Instagram comments, and my only hope is to catch some of these people in the act. Well I got ya, _princessallison_! I don’t know if this is an admission of cannibalism on princesses part or if she just really likes Niykee’s butt (can’t blame her there) but either way it’s a little odd. My favorite part about the comment is how casual it all seems. Just straight to the point, I would like some of your butt, please and thank you. The only thing better than following beautiful women on Instagram is catching an insane comment every once in awhile. Girl gimme that butt.

– Ryan

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  1. Just SOME of it, not the whole thing. This commenter isn’t greedy, that’s for sure. Insane? Yes. But not greedy.

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