Jerry Jones & The Cowboys Got a Little Loco & Mailed Out Playoff TIckets to Season Ticket Holders Today

JJWhen Dallas Cowboys season-ticket holders open the envelope with their tickets this week, they might be shocked to find what’s in there.

Along with all the preseason and regular-season tickets, there’s a sheet of playoff tickets, including a ticket for the NFC Championship Game, a game the team hasn’t played in since the 1995 season.

With all the scrutiny on the lack of postseason success for the Cowboys, who have gone 8-8 the last three seasons and have missed the playoffs the last four years, the actual printing of the tickets and sending them ahead of time to fans is sure to cause a stir.

Especially since no other team has ever done this before. Messages left for the Cowboys were not immediately returned.

“Included in this package are your 2014 playoff tickets and parking (if applicable) for two potential home games at AT&T Stadium,” read a letter that came with the season tickets. “The barcodes on the tickets will be activated when a home playoff game is clinched and the tickets have been paid in full.”

I actually like this move a lot. Give your fans a little added boost before the season, plus if your team actually does make the playoffs and it’s a home game you already have your ticket and parking pass. It could work for the Patriots, who always make the playoffs, or the 49ers, who seem to make the playoffs a lot recently and then break my god damn heart.  There’s only problem for the Cowboys:


Tony Romo is your quarterback. Say what you want about Romo: he has a good completion percentage, he has a strong jaw – fact is, he’s never won a playoff game. There’s always next year. SIX MORE YEARS! SIX MORE YEARS!

– Ryan

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