Sweet Jesus This 13 Year Old Romanian Basketball Player is Enormous

H/T Uproxx

Robert Robroczky must be dominating the Romanian children’s league. Apparently he’s 7’4, which has to be some kind of record for a 13 year old. I also love the subtlety when it comes to the name of the YouTube video: “Huge 13 year old basketball player”. Just getting right to the point with that title. What I’ve always wondered is how the other kids playing against this kid must feel. I’m assuming every game he plays in is a shutout. He’s legitimately 2-3 feet taller than everyone else on the court. If I played on one of the other teams I’d be pissed. This kid is the ultimate ringer, except he’s legally allowed to play because he’s the same age. If he doesn’t lead the country in blocks every year then I no longer have hope for the human race.

– Ryan


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