Spike TV Will Not Renew TNA Impact! And The Future is Not Bright For TNA

TNA – The future of TNA’s Impact Wrestling is suddenly very murky. According to TMZ, Spike TV will not be renewing the popular wrestling show’s contract in October. 

We are still just in the rumor stages of this development, but WrestleZone.com’s Mike Killam also cited sources relaying the same information. Per Killam, Impact Wrestling will be canceled if it doesn’t get picked up by a new network “in a very short amount of time.”

This is potentially devastating news for TNA president Dixie Carter.


In hindsight, maybe this wasn’t their smartest move.

This is kind of sad. I never really enjoyed TNA on any level, and Twitter is having a field day with #TNAGOTCANCELLEDBECAUSE, but it’s sad for one large reason: competition. The Attitude Era was so great because WWE and WCW had to be great, or else they would fold. If you watch WCW during it’s final year (s), you can see why it folded: horrible, almost embarrassing storylines coupled with aging wrestlers taking the spotlight from hungry up and comers will never end well. But during the Monday Night Wars, wrestling was a must see event on a weekly basis. In WWE’s heyday, they ran an empty arena match featuring The Rock and Mick Foley during the SuperBowl halftime show. Can you imagine any wrestling promotion running an event against the SuperBowl now? But that’s how popular WWE, and wrestling as a whole, was back then. TNA never came close to the threat WCW was, but competition is always necessary, even in wrestling. WWE has one of their most talented rosters ever, and if the writers can get their shit together, it won’t matter what other promotions start up or continue. But WWE has a tendency to take the lazy route in regards to storytelling, especially when there isn’t another dog in the race. Let’s hope that doesn’t end up being the case now that TNA is falling fast.

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