Insane Instagram Comments: Jessica Ashley Edition

Jessica Ashley is a Playboy playmate who’s Instagram is pretty spectacular. Here’s exhibit A:

There’s a lot to love in that picture. A lot. Well @toviqhawkins found something very particular that he liked and he thought Jess should know about it.



I’m not going to lie, when I first saw this picture, my first thought was not “nice armpits”. My first thought in any picture like this is never “nice armpits”. I guess that’s the beauty of Instagram. Maybe beauty isn’t the right word. All I know is when you’re looking at a picture of a Playboy playmate in a bikini and your main priority is her armpits, I think it’s time to reevaluate a lot of things in your life. On a side note, Jessica Ashley, never change.

– Ryan

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  1. I will never get sick of reading peoples instagram comments. Never ever

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