Disney Needs to Set the Bar a Little Higher – Video Breakdown

First off, you’d think the “Incredibles Dance Party” would draw a bigger crowd. The recession has hit so hard it looks like Tropicana Field down in Disney World these days – desolate and depressing. I’ve never see ‘The Incredibles” but from wiki I gather that Elastigirl is one of more popular characters from it. With that in mind you would think Disney would be more on top of their shit when casting their actors. It just looks sloppy hiring someone who is tripping all over their own feet, not to mention falling to the ground and having her face pop off. That’s a good way to destroy some kids childhood. Also, could this guy hosting be any less frantic about the whole situation? Come on man! Make something up, dance around, do a backflip, do anything that isn’t standing there and bringing attention to your faceless coworker. Grab that face toss it to the back and get on this the show. Everyone’s there to see Mickey anyway.


PS- The guy holding the camera just got his money worth out of his family vacation. Just belly laughing in the poor girls face. Later when he’s buying his family $10 churros he will be at ease, because it was all worth it.

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