I’m All In On the Anastasia Kickstarter, The Breaking Bad Sequel Starring Val Kilmer & Slash

This must be “Kickstarter’s that Matt and Ryan will pour their life savings into” week because Anastasia is one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard.


The genius who created this Kickstarter, Larry Shepard (@thewolfinmaine) has posted the plot, as well as the first two pages from the pilot’s script on the Kickstarter page, and to say I’m intrigued is an understatement. He had me at Val Kilmer, but after reading the plot, I’m ready to mortgage anything that isn’t bolted down to the ground.

Peter Falk in Colombo, Tony Shaloub in Monk, Vincent D’Onofrio in Law and Order, and now comes Val Kilmer in Anastasia.

Kilmer’s incredible talents and personality will make this a mega hit. Colombo and Monk had an intriguing theme, wherein they both had a unique comedic quirk to their personality. That personality was coupled to a genius detective ability, that kept the viewers coming back. Anastasia will carry that successful tradition on.

Kilmer and Slash breakout in ‘Fearful Symmetry’ the pilot for Anastasia, as an elite US Marshals team, that tracks down the most elusive and dangerous fugitives that are on the run.

But one fugitive has even them baffled, since they first have to answer the question, is he even alive?

Kilmer and Slash have another huge problem, that will become very apparent in the opening scene of ‘Fearful Symmetry.’  

There will be regular 12 step meeting scenes in Anastasia that Kilmer attends. We will invite stars in the entertainment industry who are in recovery themselves. Russell Brand, Jamie Lee Curtis, Steven Tyler, Dick Van Dyke, Drew Barrymore, Robert Downey Jr., Robin Williams, Neil Young, Eminem, on and on.

These will be guest appearances on separate episodes, and the star would be told that all the dialogue they use will be completely created by them. 

I am confident these appearances will elevate Anastasia to an even higher level of quality and randomness.

Some guest stars will be in full make up/prosthetics throughout the show, and we will only reveal who they are at the end!

Think of ‘The List of Adrian Messenger’ movie. When they appear in the intro, the tag line will say: Guest Starring? 

They of course are fugitives that Kilmer and Slash are chasing, who have had plastic surgery!

Val Kilmer will decide and create the quirkiness that his character, Donovan Baker, has. Peter Falk created the Colombo character almost in its entirety, with obvious great success.

Slash will stay in the ‘Slash’ character, which will enable another writing venue as he will always be undercover. He is Kilmer’s partner, and Jana Mashonee is Slash’s girlfriend. Who doesn’t want to see Slash with a Glock sticking out from under that jacket? Come on!

In all honesty, I can’t think of anything else going on in my life right now that’s more important than making sure this show gets made. I don’t care if it goes to HBO or Yahoo TV, I need to see Val Kilmer and Slash as U.S. Marshalls. If that’s not a dream team, then I don’t want to what is. Imagine all the crazy situations they’d get into that would obviously call for Slash to beat the bad guy over the head with his guitar, or Val Kilmer to look at them and they melt. This is what Kickstarter was made for, and it needs to happen. Oh and in case you’re wondering what Jana Mashonee looks like, here you go. Dear lord I want to see this show.


– Ryan

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