Rihanna is the Female Version of Drake, Parties With the German Soccer Team After Their World Cup Victory


Rihanna is such a HUGE Germany fan. The only credit she gets is that tweeted out a weirdly photo shopped picture of herself in a German flag bikini before the game. Other than that, I never really understood this outlook. Drake does the same thing with the NBA. He’s from Toronto, where he can be seen sitting courtside lint rolling his pants because if I’m a player on the Raptors THAT’S who I want rooting me on. But then he goes to the All Star game in a Lebron jersey or has weekly tea and scrumpet’s dates with Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant. Drake must’ve rubbed off on Rihanna (you’re welcome) because she’s rooted for just about every team in the World Cup. On her twitter she’s rooted for the Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA and Germany. I can understand not having a dog in the race and just kind of having fun, but where is the loyalty? It can’t be fun just rooting on whatever team advances to the next round. Rooting for a team that breaks your heart makes you who you are. It’s the beauty of sports, which makes the winning part that much more fun. Maybe Rihanna has figured out some sort of sports fan loophole, but I think you should stick to your guns. I’m sure the German soccer team would’ve partied with her no matter what team she rooted for. Lucky sons of bitches.

– Ryan




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