Matt’s Lunch Diaries – Oatmeal Making a Vicious Comeback


Just when I thought I couldn’t stomach another bowl of oatmeal, I have it for lunch and I immediately get pulled back in. Let me bring you back to a few months ago: Oatmeal was on the menu every morning for my breakfast. I had so much oatmeal in a 2 month span that I probably should have died from it. Long story short, I grew tired of it’s taste, it’s texture, and it’s aroma. I couldn’t take it anymore, so oatmeal got the boot…until today. Listen, I don’t want to be made into a liar, the oatmeal was “ok”, at best, for today’s lunch, but when your hungry it doesn’t really matter. This maple brown sugar oatmeal might as well have been a filet today, because when push comes to stomach it doesn’t really matter….I am a sad human being for writing this much about oatmeal.


Just when I thought I was out…..



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  1. Are you method acting for a role in Oliver! “Please sir, more gruel!”??? What on earth, why the oatmeal Matty? O_o haha 🙂

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