In Case You Needed Another Reason to Love Paul McCartney, Here He Is Helping A Couple Propose Onstage

When I’m 64During his second encore, he brought a couple from Rochester onstage after the woman held up a sign saying her boyfriend wouldn’t marry her until he met McCartney. After the man led the audience in a verse of “When I’m 64” to honor his age, he went to his knees and successfully proposed.

“And he booked us for the wedding,” McCartney joked.


Paul McCartney being the coolest guy in the room once again. Just a sweetheart move bringing this couple on stage so the guy could propose. Also, this guy is kind of demanding. I feel like refusing to marry someone until you meet Paul McCartney is a very ballsy move. It’s not like your saying I won’t marry you until you buy me a new pair of shoes, or until make me that chicken parm dinner I like. Paul McCartney seems like a busy man. Might be doing a few concerts here and there. Lives in an entirely different country. But somehow this guy pulled it off, mostly due to Paul McCartney being one of the coolest people in the entire world. Kudos to the happy couple.

– Ryan


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