*Spoiler Alert* If the Rapture Ever Happens, Gary Busey is As Good As Gone


The Leftovers premiered Sunday night, and while it wasn’t a great first episode about eating last night’s dinner for today’s lunch, it was a great first episode about loss and how we, as humans, handle it. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly suggest you do, but I won’t be a dickhead and list all of the spoilers here. However, I will list one spoiler: R.I.P. Gary Busey. The premise of the show is that on October 14th, 150 million people (2% of the world’s population) mysteriously disappear. Some people think it’s The Rapture, some people don’t: the only thing everyone can agree on is that there are a lot of people missing, and one of those people is Gary Busey. I think it’s safe to say that if Gary Busey was one of the people taken, it is not The Rapture.

– Ryan

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