Colbie Caillat Just Further Confirms That Music Videos Are Getting Lazy

Colbie’s above music video for ‘Live it Up’ was shot on a GoPro during her time in spent in Rhode Island where she went skydiving in Newport with her friends.  First off, big ups for Rhode Island, not everyday we get celebrities passing through (Taylor Swift doesn’t count, because she is never here). Secondly, Colbie, come on now, your music video game is severely lazy on this one. GoPro footage, slap on a filter, and add the lyrics to the bottom? That is some lazy shit right there. Next time you go make a music video think of all the performers that came before you, and how awesome it was to make a epic music video. People like…say, Master P



I said this once and i’ll say it a million times, what the hell happened to rapper fashion?!


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