Monster Blog Wednesday: Soccer Goal Celebrations

Super Saiyan

I think it’s safe to say World Cup fever has caught on in America, and if I’m not mistaken, I think the United States has already won the whole tournament. Since neither of us have the skill or stamina to ever play in an actual soccer match, never mind a World Cup game, we thought it’d be realistic to figure out what our goal celebration would be. We’ve seen some sweet celebrations so far, but I have a feeling our own insane moves are going to blow every other celebrations out of the water.

Ryan – ‘The Conductor’

Conductor animated GIF

I usually try to keep things simple, but if there’s anything I’ve learned so far this world cup, it’s that long, drawn out celebrations are the best celebrations. Once I score my goal and am released from the hospital for running the entire field, I immediately launch into ‘The Conductor’. The crowd, the opponents, the coaches and the rest of my team do not exist during my celebration; when I’m in conductor mode it’s just me and my imaginary symphony orchestra. A little rat, a little tat tat, and just like that, I have the whole crowd in my hands. Classy, original, not strenuous – ‘The Conductor’ is the perfect goal celebration.


Matt – ‘The Air Guitar’


Soccer seems ok, it’s not my cup of beer, but it seems ok. If I were to be asked to give one suggestion on what would make soccer better, and i’m not sure I would ever be asked that, I would tell them that it needs to be more “Rock n’ Roll”. Leather pants, long hair, groupies (and not of the soccer variety, no. I’m talking cigarette smoking, way too much eye shadow type groupies), and lots of electric guitar. Picture this: I’m running down the field, hair in the wind, and my teammate sets me up with the most insane header you have ever seen! (and just to be clear I only score with headers) GOAL GOAL GOAL! That is when I make my way, slowly, to the center of the field where I play a full songs worth of air guitar. ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Dirty Deeds’, and anything by “Foreigner” would be my go-tos, but it all depends on how i’m feeling at that moment.


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