Another Installment of “Insane Instagram Comments”

The Instagram account “A Bikini a Day” , that is half run by the beautiful Devin Brugman, did what they do everyday, post a picture of Devin in a Bikini; and like clock work the weirdos come out to play.

Here is the pic:


And read the last comment here:


Don’t you dare talk to Devin like that! I swear to Bill Paxton that if I knew where you lived I would send you a strongly worded letter. Hey “WindowsCrystal”, if that is your real name, whats worse: The girl using what her mamma gave her to create a successful business, or you going around suggesting that people cut their tits off?

You won’t come around this Instragram account anymore if you knew what was good for ya. I know people, that know people, that have watched ‘The Godfather’ a lot of times.



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