Florida is Roaring Into the Weekend – Sarasota Couple Accused of Cooking Meth at a Library

HeisenbergSarasota police have arrested a homeless couple for allegedly making meth on the grounds of the Jacaranda Public Library.

Police say they received a tip that a meth lab was set up right behind the library on Jacaranda Blvd. Upon police arrival, they discovered the homeless couple stationed next to a mattress leaning against the wall of the building.

The couple, 28-year-old Raymond King and 23-year-old Tiffany Stolz, had material commonly used for cooking meth in their possession. Found next to the wall of the library, police found bottles of Coleman Fuel, lithium batteries, tubing, and several bottles of unknown liquids.

Sarasota Fire Department Hazmat team arrived on scene to investigate the liquids.

Police determined King had been living outside the library manufacturing meth for about one month. His girlfriend, Stolz, would help him by getting materials for him to cook the meth with.

Both have been charged with possession of chemicals with intent to manufacture and manufacture of methamphetamine, both felonies.


Have yourself a weekend, Florida. Every Friday I wake up and I know I’ll have a Florida story and thankfully this week was no different. Did I expect it to be a homeless couple cooking meth on the grounds of a library in  Sarasota? I did not, but when it comes to Florida nothing surprises me anymore. Safe to say this handsome couple are no Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. At this point, I think I’m going to make a scrapbook filled with all the crazy shit that I’ve read about people from Florida. That way when I eventually become a father and a grandfather I can show my children and grandchildren that scrapbook and tell them to never go to Florida. I have to imagine they’ll understand.

– Ryan

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