Drinking With Class – The Birth and Death of an American Web Series

As some of you may know this isn’t Ryan and I’s first shot at internet superstardom. Back in 2011 we started a web series called Drinking With Class where we taught our viewers the ins and outs of having some class while getting wasted. Below is the birth of DWC (the first episode) and below that, the death (last episode). But why am I posting these videos after almost a 2 year hiatus? Because like the dashing handsome gentlemen we are, we have decided to reissue old episodes of Drinking With Class that way our new friends here at AverageNobodies.com could enjoy the spectacle that is us getting drunk and filming our friends. We hope that if nothing else, you pick up a few small tips that will carry you throughout your adult, party-going, life.

Stay tuned on Youtube.com/TheAverageNobodies for reruns of Drinking With class!

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  1. best, most offensive Spanish accent in the game today.

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