A Florida Man Impersonating a Cop Pulled Over an Actual Cop Because That’s What Floridians Do Now

Of CoursePolice say a man impersonating an officer face charges after signaling a real detective to pull over on a road in Florida.

St. Johns County authorities say 20-year-old Matthew Michael Lee McMahon activated a red and blue light Monday while driving behind an unmarked sheriff’s car. Detective Chance Anderson pulled over and was shocked to see an unknown face behind the wheel of the other car.

First Coast News (http://fcnews.tv/1rKLqww ) reports that during his more than 10 years of service the detective has arrested several police impersonators. But none had ever ordered him to stop his car.

McMahon is charged with impersonating an officer and unlawfully displaying blue lights.

He was released Tuesday after posting $5,500 in bail. It wasn’t clear whether he’s hired an attorney.

no no no

First off how many names does this guy need? Matthew Michael Lee McMahon. Take it easy buddy. Not only are you a disgrace to the McMahon family, but you’re clearly a moron. Rule number one of impersonating a cop is don’t pull over an actual cop. Nothing can ever go right when you pull over an actual cop. With that said, I am not one bit surprised that a man from Florida did this. It’s actually a mild news story coming out of Florida. In my opinion, we should forget jail in this case. Let Vince McMahon fly down to Florida and fight this guy in a Hell in a Cell match. I guarantee he’ll never impersonate a cop again.

– Ryan

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  1. This officially tops DMX impersonating a cop and driving on a airport runway as worst idea when impersonating a cop.

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