If This is What Qualifies as “News” in 2014 Please Kill Me Before I See 2015.

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Which Jenner is that? Is Kylie the one that can’t read or is it the other one? It would really suck for her if she is the one that can’t read because apparently she can’t dress either….ZING. I digress. Is this what we are calling “news”? The fact that two famous offsprings of more famous (I use famous loosely) people are eating at restaurants NEAR each other? Not even at the same place! Two different restaurants at two different times. But you know, because they were within a mile of one another and their lunch times happen to overlap a little, this is news. Good god, journalism at its finest!


PS – I could of told you Justin Bieber would eat at a place called “Rainbow Bar & Grill”. Fits him perfectly.  What an asshole.

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