Leave Jonah Alone!


Paparazzi are probably regular people just like you and me, but I hate them still. Why do they feel it to be necessary to follow Jonah Hill down the street while he is walking with one of his buddies. I don’t get it, he isn’t doing anything video worthy, he is just walking down the street. The only explanation for them to be filming him and prodding him with dumb questions is so that he will have the reaction at the end of this clip, and guess what? it’s all over the internet now. Mission accomplished, you pieces of shit. LEAVE JONAH ALONE!


PS- When I get super famous for my portrayal as Harry Stamper in the remake of “Armageddon”, I am going to let the paparazzi take all the pictures and video they want right from the word “go”. That way i’ll be old news by week two of my superstardom. Game, set, Vieira.




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