Finally – A Man in Florida I Can Relate To

BEERHow is that not an emergency?

A Florida man has been arrested for repeatedly making false 911 calls complaining that his wife had “thrown out his beer.”

Officers called out to his home in West Palm Beach told an apparently intoxicated Carlos Bueno Mir that the situation really was not an emergency and not call 911 again.

Google Maps Officers responded the first time to his West Palm Beach home, but once he explained the reason for his call they told him to knock it off.

But after they left he phoned again, yelling at an operator that a woman had broken into two of his beers, reports

Over the course of four hours, he phoned 911 seven times.

The sobering fact is that Bueno Mir now faces charges of misusing the 911 emergency system and making a false complaint.


I have to side with Mr. Mir here. If somebody threw out my beer I’d want them thrown in jail with out the possibility of parole. Beer cases aren’t attention grabbing headlines but they should be. And what else did the Google Maps Officers really have to do that day? Take a picture of someone’s driveway? They really couldn’t help this poor guy out. He was obviously looking out for the community and didn’t want to drink and drive to get more beers, so he calls the cops for a helping hand and they stone wall him. Unbelievable. It’s not everyday I agree with the action of Floridians, but Carlos Bueno Mir can play on my team any day. I’ll even buy the beer.

– Ryan



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