Monster Blog Wednesday: Our Favorite NBA Draft Busts

Getting drafted early in the first round in any sport is tough, mostly because the pressure of a usually bad franchise is forced onto your shoulders. While some lottery picks pan out, there is a long list of athletes who got drafted early on and never reached their full potential. Since the NBA Draft was last night, we decided to scour the history books and find our favorite players who turned out to be Draft Day duds.

Adam Morrison – 3rd Overall (2006)


Any time you get picked number 3 overall and are completely out of the league in 5 years you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be talked about as a bust. During his illustrious four year career, Morrison started 28 games and averaged 7.5 PPG and 2.1 RPG. To make things worse, Morrison always sported a dirt stache that was a weird mix between a B movie porn star and a small town gas station attendant. Not a good look, Adam. But on the bright side, you’re my favorite NBA Draft bust.

– Ryan

Greg Oden – 1st Overall (2007)


Looking back on the 2007 draft, it is mind boggling that Portland had to “decide” between Oden and Kevin Durant. Going back to 2007 that decision would have been easy, but hindsight is 20/20. At the time nobody thought twice about them selecting Oden; he was pegged to be a once in a generation talent that couldn’t be passed on. Numerous knee injuries later and Greg Oden is riding the bench in Miami. Which is not a bad place to be considering their hot streak over the last few years. In terms of pure performance letdown maybe Oden isn’t the worst draft bust of all time, but considering he turned out to be made of glass he is my pick for biggest NBA draft bust.


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