If It Was Socially Acceptable I would Walk Around With Wolverine Claws All Day

I need these like I need air to breathe! At no point in everyday life would I need giant blades shooting out of my wrist, but I can’t think of a good reason not to. Always prepared.


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  1. This is completely acceptable. However, it did make me a bit nervous when he was running around with the claws extended.

    • Hahaha If I eventually get my hands on something like these I would have to be very discreet about it. But yeah falling on those wouldn’t be fun.

      • Anything is possible. Anything!

        I’d put my name on that same list. Some people may go to a firing range. I’d go to an open area, an obstacle course, and I’d destroy and claw the shit out of things.

      • hahaha. I would just always have them on me and when something needed cutting, even something as small as a t-shirt tag, I would spring into action and save the day.

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