The Mark of a True Professional? Knee Some Kid in the Nuts and Keep Reporting

Textbook reporting here by Jim Cantore right here. College kids beware, if you run into Jim Cantore’s shot he’s going to go knee-to-dick, that’s a fact. Besides not flinching and finishing his report I have to give Jim some extra props because using your knee is some good old fashion fighting. No shovels, no scooters, just some good flesh to flesh battling. Did anyone go check on that kid? He might be passed out somewhere and slowly bleeding out from the inside.


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  1. I need to know where to buy that hat

    • I think there is this one store that has every legendary hat/accessory that ever was created. I.e. that hat, Vince McMahon’s raw corduroy jacket, and every pair of mc hammers pants

  2. YOU! I gave y’all this tip πŸ˜‰ ahahah! Neat πŸ™‚ *runs off

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