Bears Are Taking Over New Hampshire And There Is Nothing Us Humans Can Do About It

Ya hear that Ed? — Wildlife officials in New Hampshire believe a bear is to blame for a series of recent car break-ins.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department says several cars have been broken into over the last few weeks in the same North Conway neighborhood. Officials say the likely culprit is a bear looking for food.

Terry Leavitt tells WMUR-TV ( ) the radio was pulled out of her dashboard. The interior was ripped apart and a window was smashed. Other residents also reported similar damage.

Conway police Sgt. George Walker says it’s a common occurrence this time of year as bears stop hibernating and search for food. And the suspect description is always the same: “black and furry.”

Looks like we got some real Einsteins patrolling the mean streets of North Conway, Hampshire. You THINK bears are responsible? A bear and a human do not look similar, so if the suspect description is “black and furry” there’s a solid chance that a bear is breaking into these cars. This could be phase one of the bears eventual takeover of New Hampshire. If you’ve never been to North Conway, it’s basically just a town in the middle of the wilderness. If a bear wants to attack you your pretty much done. If I were a bear this is how I’d start the takeover. The only advantage humans have over bears is our modes of transportations. We can get in our car and drive to safety, but if it’s a foot race between a hungry bear and a fat human that bear is winning that battle 10 out of 10 times. At least we have the intelligent cops of North Conway to protect us. The same cops who aren’t 100% sure that something described as “black and furry” is a bear. Humanity is in good hands.

– Ryan


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