NBC Will Be Broadcasting The Olympics Through 2032, Which Means One Thing: More Bob Costas Pink Eye

Bobby Boy“NBC has secured the U.S. broadcast rights to the Olympics through 2032 in a record six-games deal worth $7.75 billion.

NBC already holds the rights through the 2020 Olympics in a four-games deal signed in 2011 for $4.38 billion.

 The latest deal was announced Wednesday after secret negotiations between the IOC and NBC. There was no auction or open bidding this time, with only NBC making an offer.

The negotiations were led by International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.

Bach says “this agreement is excellent news for the entire Olympic Movement as it helps to ensure its financial security in the long term.”


I dislike Bob Costas. Immensely. If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with  Bob Costas, Osama Bin Laden and Hitler I’d shoot Bob Costa twice. But if I have to put up with him for six more Olympic games I can only hope he continues to get pink eye. How great would that be? Every Olympics Bob Costas welcomes us to the games then immediately gets pink eye. He struggles through the first couple of days until it spreads to his other eye and he’s forced to stop broadcasting like this year. Pink eye is curable so it’s not like he’d be contracting this deadly disease. Everybody wins, except Bob Costas. It’d be the best running joke in Olympics history and I, for one, would enjoy it a lot. I don’t know how, but I need NBC to make this happen. If you’ve got $7 Billion I’m sure you can find a way to give your Olympic broadcaster pink eye.

– Ryan

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