Why The Average Nobodies Buying the LA Clippers is Good For the NBA, America

Now that Donald Sterling is banned from the NBA for life and will most likely have to sell the team, a lot of celebrities have chimed in on why THEY should buy the LA Clippers. Floyd Mayerweather, Oprah, Dr. Dre, Larry Ellison, Frankie Muniz; pretty much everyone is trying to get in while the getting’s good. What do these people have that we don’t have? Money? Power? Fame? Respect? The answer to all of those questions are yes (except for Frankie Muniz’s fame), but we don’t care about any of those things. Why? Because we have a plan. A plan that we created a few hours ago that will change the NBA forever. We’ve narrowed our plan down to 6 key points:


1. We’d bring back theme nights ala Jackie Moon with the Flint Tropics. Rotissserie chicken night. Glow in the dark night. Authenitc jersey on a pole night. If there’s one thing we don’t lack, it’s imagination. Would these theme nights translate well into reality? Who cares, as long as it gets butts in the seats. Also, we’re not horrible racists.

2. We’d play in some of the games. Admittedly this kind of a selfish point, but if we own an NBA franchise there is a 100% chance that we will make the active roster at some point during our tenure.  To be honest, we think that’s what the game is lacking. Yeah it’s fun watching these gargantuan athletes dunk the ball all the time but what about some real, old fashioned basketball? Pick and rolls, layups, high shorts. Bring a little old school charm back to the league. Also, we’re not horrible racists.

3. We have no shortage of new team names and mascots. The Clipper’s ship has sailed (see what I did there?). It’s time for this LA franchise to take on a new identity, and we have the perfect suggestions for a town of this magnitude. Who wouldn’t love to see the LA Traffic Jams storming the court? I can see the posters now: “Tonight the Traffic Jams look to put the Heat in Park!” BOOM. Marketing 101. Also, we’re not horrible racists.

4. We would write story lines into every game. Kind of like professional wrestling……actually, exactly like professional wrestling. I’m talking tables, chairs, bra and panty matches (cheerleaders not players),  hell, fire, brimstone, and barbed wire. Our first act as owners would be to get Jim Ross and Joey Styles to do commentary. MAH GOD IT’S BLAKE GRIFFIN! Also, we’re not horrible racists.

5. We would get heavy hitting names to sing the national anthem. I’m sick of watching basketball games with Harry from Tempe, Arizona or Janette from Shrewsbury singing the national anthem. I want big time solo artists or bands on that parque floor. It’s the national anthem! Having all these nobodies (no pun intended) butcher it every home game and making it lose it’s prestige. The first night we take over, Huey Lewis and The News will be singing the national anthem. Beat that, Oprah. Also, we’re not horrible racists.

6. Also, we’re not horrible racists. Self explanatory.

Come on, who wouldn’t us owning a NBA team?! We already have famous friends and that’s pretty much half of owning a pro sports team.



-The Average Nobodies

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  1. That would actually be awesome. Did you ever have a plan for buying TNA wrestling while it was up for sale? Just a quick question.

    • we did not. they’re beyond redemption at this point.

      • It isn’t up for sale anymore but if you had a plan, what would it be?

      • I kind of like what they’re doing with guys like MVP and EC3 who weren’t used right in WWE. But they went downhill when they brought in guys like Hogan and Flair. Notice how Hogan is barely on WWE TV? It’s because the more you use him the less people want to see him. TNA focused their whole show on him and ignored guys like Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, etc. Give those guys the TV time to wrestle and continue their feuds. They try to be too much like WWE except they have zero budget and comes off cheap. If they carved their own niche I think they’d be better.

      • They should bring in something fresh into the product. Do something they’ve never done before. Maybe a new match type or bring back the television title so more of the mid card wrestlers have a spotlight. I am also thinking they should have more story lines as well.

      • I agree with you. And I liked the six sided ring too. It was different. Why go back to something every other wrestling company does when you have this unique design with the ring

      • I just read they might be bringing it back somewhere in June I believe. Of course I don’t think that would happen because they gave their 6 sided ring to AAA a couple years back.

      • yeah that’d be tough. especially after they already dumped it.

      • They could also bring back the pole dancers too. Just saying.

      • Wouldn’t be opposed to that at all

      • if they can’t bring back the 6 sided ring, then they should bring back the old NWA ring that they had and the tunnel.

      • That tunnel was great. Gave it an old school feel. Definitely need something to switch it up

      • they should also bring back the Asylum match and King of The Mountain. Also Ultimate X.

      • Ultimate X was cool. So was king of the mountain. Wasn’t a fan of the asylum match but I know a lot of people are.

      • The asylum was awesome in my opinion

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