I’ve Always Liked Mike Rowe, This is Why



Recently Mike received a letter from a fan asking to give advice on landing his “dream job”. Below is the fan letter and Mike’s response.



Below is Mike’s response: 





Such a genuine person. The best part about this letter? It applies to EVERYBODY. I know way too many people like Parker and “Claire”. Get out there and do, don’t wait for something that might never come. Your life is what YOU make it. Also, please do me this one favor: If you are doing something you hate STOP right now. Life is too short to be doing something you don’t like, even for a second.

Thanks to The Chive for the letters.


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  1. Strange letter back from him. Considering Mike Row had NO life plans and stumbled into an Opera audition; flubbed along with an albeit decent voice and then charmed his way onto television. Does he believe he’s much different than the guy he’s written back to? He may want to be less of a hypocrite ;P
    What’s the authenticity of the letter? I get that he supports Wal-Mart and “workers”, but he really has never been one of these “workers”. Other than on tv with his “Dirty Jobs”. Odd response from him. 🙂

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