Craig Siegel Refuses to Let Florida Go Quietly Into the Night

I Love Florida A Florida man who was under investigation for 19 counts of scheming to defraud didn’t help his cause on Monday when he allegedly threw a bucket of urine on a Sarasota County building inspector.

Craig Siegel is accused of dousing the code enforcement officer with pee while he was investigating the rental property owner for advertising a five-bedroom home as a 12-bedroom house.

When renters showed up to the home and found it was short seven bedrooms, Siegel allegedly refused to give back their money and told them to sue, netting himself more than $53,000 in the process.

“(I said) You give me my money back. He said no, we are not in the financial position to do that,” renter Denise Blair told My Fox Tampa Bay.

Siegel has been charged with criminal mischief and battery on a code enforcement officer in addition to the fraud charges.

While leaving court, Siegel called the urine bucket story “an allegation.”

Blair was happy to hear about his court appearance. “Love it, that’s where he deserves to be. I asked him many times to make it right,” she said. “Doing that to someone, come on, that’s just disgusting.”


Oh, Florida. Just when I thought you’d go on a hiatus of insanity Craig Siegel comes out of nowhere and starts dumping urine on peoples heads. There are multiple reasons to love this story. Listing a rental property as a 12 bedroom home when the home only has five bedrooms is absolutely hysterical. Couldn’t list it at six or seven bedrooms? Had to spike it up all the way to 12? How do you even explain a seven bedroom difference to a potential buyer? I have to imagine this is the kind of people you deal with when you’re trying to buy a home in Florida. You think you have this beautiful 12 bedroom home, then you show up and it’s clearly missing seven bedrooms. Then you have the code enforcement officer thinking he’s got an easy case lined up. All he has to do is report back that this house clearly does not have 12 bedrooms and then call it a day, but he gets a bucket of urine for his troubles. A BUCKET of urine. Judging Craig only from his mugshot, he strikes me as someone that would pee in a bucket numerous times. Obviously peeing in a bucket once or twice wasn’t gonna suffice in this particular situation. So Craig got himself a bucket and pissed in it until he was satisfied. Just another reason why I’m never going to Florida again.

– Ryan

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  1. That is just funny. OMG can’t stop laughing!!! Why in the F would you dump a bucket of piss on someone?

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