Jeffrey Chapman Can Either See the Future or He’s An Idiot

SourceA suspect wants prison bosses to let him have his ‘murder’ tattoo removed – ahead of his trial for killing another man.

Jeffrey Chapman has the word spelled backwards tattooed across his neck.

He believes it might prejudice a jury ahead of his trial for the killing of Damon Galliart whose body was found by hunters near Great Bend, Kansas, in 2011.

His lawyer has requested that either Chapman be taken to a tattoo parlour to have it removed, or for a tattoo artist to be brought to his cell.

The motion suggested that the tattoo was too large to be covered by clothing.

The Great Bend Tribune reports that although prosecutors are not against the request, state law prohibits tattoo artist from carrying out work anywhere other than at a licensed premises.

And the Barton County Sheriff has said Chapman cannot be transported from his cell.


Well Jeffrey Chapman finds himself in quite the pickle. Although I could’ve told him that getting the word “murder” tattooed in huge letters across his neck was going to come back to haunt him. I’m 100% on board with neck tattooes. I love them. But my version of a neck tattoo is a small symbol or a cursive word near the collarbone. Not the word “murder” in unbelievably huge letter spanning the entire front part of my neck. Part of me feels that he always knew he was going to murder someone. But a much larger part of me wants to think that someone that stupid can’t exist in this world. If he got this tattoo before he killed Damon Galliart then he’s really dumb. If I’m a murderer, the last word I want to get tattooed on my body is murder. Just doesn’t make sense. If you get caught, which you probably will if you have that tattoo, then you’re basically giving yourself zero chance with the jury. If I was on the jury for this trial I’d bring my phone with a killer playlist and my new headphones and just vote guilty at the end. And if anyone questioned me I’d point out that the defendant has the word murder tattooed on his neck.

– Ryan

P.S. The most shocking part of this story? He’s not from Florida.

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  1. awesome,hope you dont mind if I share this

  2. How can you say just because he got a tattoo on his neck that says redrum not murder that he knew he was going to murder someone one day? Are you Psychic? Maybe he just likes the movie, The Shinning or maybe that word has some special meaning not related to murder or each letter could represent a different word all together, my point is we do not know why he put that tattoo on his neck and it is pure speculation on your part and you are judging him guilty before he is even had his trial and your judging by a tattoo! I guess you have never done anything stupid or without thinking first! Hopefully no one has ever judge you for what you write or for anything else because we all make mistakes in life and to judge another on what they chose to put on there body is wrong!

  3. He’s an idiot

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