I’m Not Saying Lions Can Start Fires…Actually, That is Exactly What I’m Saying

Here are the facts: Helen Clements was driving throughout Longleaf safari park in Wiltshire, England with her two children when smoke began pouring out of their vehicle. But wait, that’s not the insane part. Not only did their car catch fire during a animal safari, but it caught fire in the worst possible part, the lion enclosure. The FUCKING LION ENCLOSURE. Couldn’t have turned into a fireball of death while with the zebras? Nope, fucking lions. Don’t think this was a crazy coincident either, no way. These lions had these people pinned for destruction from the word “go”. Maybe the lions were sick of the crap the zoo keepers usually feed them or maybe they were just being their normal sadistic lion selves. Either way this zoo might want to keep a keen eye on these cats, you never know when they will strike again.


PS- Everyone got out ok after the animal handlers got them out safely.

PSS- What do you think they told the people to do? Get out of the car and get mauled by lions? or stay in the car and burn. Rock and a hard place.


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