The Red Sox Are 6-9 and It’s April 17th – Shut Down the Season!


In all seriousness this isn’t the ideal start to the season for the defending World Series Champions, and they do have some serious holes to fill, but lets pump the brakes please. Of all the major sports, baseball plays the most games. The season streches for 6-7 months. They’ve played 15 out of 162 games.

The good: they have a great manager/coaching staff and the core group from last season returning; their pitching has been solid. The Sox are 9th in ERA and 2nd in quality starts. Uehara, Tazawa and Breslow have a combined ERA of 0.0. Peavy and Lester have both looked great, and the Red Sox started a new trend and decided to score some runs for John Lackey this year. Napoli was off to his usual hot start before the thumb injury, leading the team in batting average, home runs and RBI’s. They have Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz. Not the best start for these two, but after watching them for seven and eleven years respecitvely, they’re two guys I’d want going to war with me.

The bad: Felix Doubront, Edward Mujica, pretty much every offensive player besides Sizemore and Napoli. They cannot hit with RISP. During last nights White Sox game they were walked fifteen times and scored 6 runs…in 14 innings. Clutch hitting and hitting with RISP is what seperated them from the pack last year and ultimately made them the best team in baseball. They have 6 stolen bases as a team. SIX. I love Farrell, but he tends to fall in love with certain strategies. If the bats arent producing, you have to switch things up. Hit and runs, take chances on stolen bases, emphasize to the team that taking the extra base is important. They’re 24th in runs scored, 23rd in batting average and 27th in slugging percentage. I know they’ve only played six games at home, but for a team who’s going to play 81 games at Fenway, plus another 18 or so at Camden Yards and Yankee Stadium, that’s not going to cut it.

6-9 isn’t ideal, but I’m far from drunkenly going to Fenway* and defending my team to anyone who will listen. All I know for certain is the nice weather is approaching, and I trust the boys of summer will soon be giving us something to cheer about.

– Ryan

*This was in 2012. Coincidence we won the next year? I think not.

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