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You’ve probably seen this kid all over the internet in the last 24 hours. If not, this is the dick that ran through the Boston marathon memorial event yesterday and dropped a unmarked bag while chanting “Boston strong”. Above is his facebook page and below are some of his YouTube videos.

I have seen a lot of deranged people cross my computer since we started this blog, but this by far is the one that leaves me the most dumbfounded and angry. Like really guy? Save all your strange for another day, not only was this careless and stupid, but it was also dangerous for everyone involved. Less than a year ago we had the city of Boston brought to its knees by 2 kids (kids that he apparently idolizes) and you want to pull this? Get the hell out of here, guy.


PS- I can’t stress enough how haunting these videos are. Makes Florida look like Maine.


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  1. Well…

    He admitted it in the first video: he’s a mental patient. He simply wants to be heard, wants to be famous (on the internet). Of course, there will be fewer people deeming him a credible artist who doesn’t know where he wants to venture into. He makes up words, clothing, and nonsense. Bipolar? Maybe. He’s definitely arrogant as he is a hoarder, and he admitted to looking for attention.

    The only credible thing are the black and white videos. He aimed for disturbing art, and he nailed it.

  2. O_O Yeah, I agree Christopher. And I think that was his intent was to actually poke fun at labels; to provoke thought; and to question them, to be original and use your own reasoning abilities…Hence why had a bazillion post-its stuck to himself (LOL!). I think part of accepting yourself (warts and all*) is letting go of your own cognitive bias against others and their labels too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So he’s “crazy”, so he flips from one end of the spectrum to another. And…? He’s definitely original and yup he did “nail it” as Christopher said (yes, WEIRD but original) LMAO!

    • I’m not sure his Facebook cover photo really pokes fun at labels though. It’s really just sensationalizing a murderer.

      • Oh you mean Law & Order; Criminal Minds; CSI; Breaking Bad; CNN, FOX etc. etc.? He’s an eccentric guy who’s ill. Don’t know if he has Bipolar (I or II); or even some type of PD. In the entire spectrum of human existence, he’s less meaningful than a quark. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        In our area with TV programming, we have to endure like 24/7 of those types of shows, that’s sensationalism and somewhat like subtle social control abuse. It encourages an unrealistic view of our communities; and of our lives as being human*

        I’m not going to be afraid of my friends, family or by some random dude who’s obviously ill or whatever else is splattered all over cable TV or even some social network. I worry about that type of nonsense from media networks et al. and what they create: a culture of fear founded in forced ignorance.

        Some weirdo, mentally ill dude, down the block or on a social network acting like narcissistic /b/tard? Nope. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Least of our issues on earth at this moment. Really…

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