Did I mention “Girl Meets World”?

It’s here, it’s finally here. Topanga and Corey aged so gracefully I can’t stand it.


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  1. Hey Matty, my Twitter/cell/etc. tech was fudged over by Heartbleed :/ And apparently it can now affect even home routers too. I’ll be on WP until it’s fixed…When I called my cellphone provider, the lady was saying weird tech-things +people acting strange are happening all across Canada…I think we may be heading for a Technopocolypse of some sorts LOL

    I have your email, from the Rob Ford thing I sent ya a while back (think too about Lil’ Bub) so if you get an email saying Canada has ended, read it, but proceed with extreme caution and firewall up! (like as much as it can block crap, lmao!) Who knows what’s being tossed around in the pipes of the Internets lately O_O *hugs to both you ‘n Ryan & your newbie contributor, Ryan enjoy Roma 😀 ~Sara

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