Gun Tracking Bracelets are the Worst Idea Since Unsliced Bread

Attorney General Eric Holder said gun tracking bracelets are something the Justice Department (DOJ) wants to “explore” as part of its gun control efforts.

When discussing gun violence prevention programs within the DOJ, Holder told a House appropriations subcommittee on Friday that his agency is looking into technological innovations. –

Ok, so what these bracelets will do is only allow the proper owner of the gun to fire it. Sounds like a good safety measure, right? Absolutely NOT. Think about this for a second: You’re laying in bed and you hear an intruder forcefully enter your home. You roll over to your night stand and pull out your 9mm. You spring into action protect your family and home, but wait a second! Just as you are about to waste the P.O.S that is threatening the life of your family with a gun of his own, you remember that your forgot your bracelet back bedside. Oh shit, now the gun won’t fire. Shit out of luck man, try again next time. PLOT TWIST, there isn’t a next time, because you’re dead.

Bad idea. Bad idea all around.


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