The @Banff_Squirrel is My New Favorite Thing on Twitter

A little background to this adorable twitter account: I work for an escorted tour company and every now and then we get to sit through presentations from tourism boards across the world that want us to sell their product. The most recent presentation was from the Canadian Tourism Board, more specifically Banff Springs and Lake Louise. The legend of the squirrel started years ago with this picture:


I don’t want to over exaggerate but that’s a pretty phenomenal photobomb. Almost immediately after this picture was sent into the Tourism Board, the legend of the Banff Squirrel was created. The twitter account is an extension of that legend, and the Banff Squirrel has been “photo bombing” people all over Banff and Lake Louise.

The Banff  Squirrel is now the official ambassador of that region, and I for one think its doing a hell of a job. So go check it out on Twitter or don’t and be a Debbie Downer. The choice is yours.

– Ryan

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