In Honor of me Crying Myself to Sleep After ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ended, Here are Great TV Show Endings

I’ll start by saying I thought that the ending of HIMYM was great. Great TV shows get you emotionally invested in the characters, and HIMYM did just that. Here are memorable TV show endings in no specific order.








(Not the final scene but my favorite part of the episode)


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  1. Really? I hated that they divorced Barney and Robin. I hated that they killed off Tracy just so they could put Ted and Robin back together. I thought it was a cop out ending.

    • I will say this: Nobody was invested in the real mother anyway. and if you really think about it the whole series was a a story about the 5 original cast and their lives. I guess I didn’t mind them killing off the mother because i enjoyed the way it ended. It was always Ted and Robin. Honestly this could have ended a bunch of different ways and i still would have liked it. I had a lot of emotions invested in the show.

      • I’m glad you liked it. I think I was soured by a bad last season going into it. And I really liked the mother when we finally got to meet her. Anyway, bye bye Ted and gang.

    • Oh, it was so tough. I’m still wavering between the pace of the episode. Even for an hour, they covered a lot in a short period of time. Mark, not sure if the A.N. guys read it, but this kind of coincides with that long post of mine the other day about if there really is “The One.” Is there really one person out there, or is perfection nonexistent and that there are plenty of other close seconds. Regardless, as heartwarming as it was to go back and relive the blue horn from the first season is great, a wonderful touch. I’m still not sold on the finale.

      If they were going to be serious about it, the divorce between B and R was not “believable,” nor was Barney holding his illegitimate child.

      I could go on, but that’s for a post this week.

  2. This post, however, is crazy. Reliving all these moments is crazy. Scrubs should have ended at that point. It was the perfect ending for the show.

  3. Great post, love it!

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