This “#CancelColbert” Thing is Going Way to Far

Here his the tweet that everyone is freaking out about:


(Let me start by pointing the person who was the first to reply to it, congratulations @FedMex, you have a pulse and sense of humor) Oh no? Did someone get offended by a Comedy Central tweet. We need to collectively get over it. For everyone trying to get Colbert’s show canceled remember who you are dealing with. It’s like trying to get a child arrested for indecent exposure for pulling his pants off and running around a Walmart. Not gonna happen. That doesn’t mean we should hold him to a lower standard of humanity, but come on people there are COUNTLESS bits in his show that could be offensive for anyone. Don’t watch it! I could go go on a crusade against numerous black comics, but I don’t. You know why? I know its a JOKE and I have better things to do.

Here is another tweet people can get mad at! How dare he photoshop himself on the Lincoln monument!

NOT A RELIGIOUS TWEET! Have you lost your mind, Stephen?!

PS- We should all attend Michael Gary Scott’s diversity day.

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  1. All this uproar over Colbert, and yet nothing about SNL’s “Black Jeopardy” last night.

    I have said it before, we pick and choose what we are offended by. Sometimes we are and other times we are not. I am guessing whomever is behind the Colbert thing was laughing last night at SNL. There is no standard that is hard and fast any longer and most people are just too sensitive these days.

    • before i comment: Wasn’t Black Jeopardy hilarious? hahaha

      And yes, you are exactly right. People pick and choose things to get angry and frustrated about. Now-a-days it is so easy to be heard on the largest stage because of social media and people think they can make a name for themselves by doing so.

      Bottom line is you can’t be offended by certain things and not other things EXACTLY like it. 6 of this and a half dozen of the other.

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